Hazel Bough Farm

Seven Icelandic sheep graze in tall grass: In the front on the left is a small white fleeced, white horned ewe. Next to her on the right is a small light grey fleeced, black horned ram. Just behind them is a light grey fleeced, brown horned ewe, and behind her is a black fleeced ewe, who grazes with her head down. To the right of that group, a few feet away, a creamy white fleeced ewe with brown horns and a brown face grazes fang the camera, several feet behind her, two brown fleeced, brown horned ewes graze in tall grass. Lush pasture grass surrounds them all, some netted fence is set up around in the middle ground, and rolling New England hills covered in green trees are in the far background.

Botanical Offerings and Herbal Preparations 

 Icelandic Fleece and Yarn

Making, striving for deeper learning, and caring for family and community.

“a hazel bough brings good tidings”

I endeavor to provide products created with organic, locally sourced ingredients, that is, if I didn’t grow them myself. Everything I offer is always palm oil free.


I am in the process of moving over from Etsy, and my page there has a more complete list of my products.

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