a close view of a hand with three flowers, orange with brown center, orange with yellow center and yellow with yellow center, held between the first three fingers

Herbalist, Farmer, Artist & More 

My name is Megan (she/they) and I am the herbalist and shepherd at Hazel Bough Farm. My daughter, Hazel, is my wonderful daily companion and a main reason that I do what I do.

I’m an nb femme, afab–probably the worlds least fashionable drag queen. Surely on the neurodivergent side of things. I’m dedicated to unlearning my internalized racial bias, knowing it will take my lifetime.

Thank you for joining us and for being a meaningful part of our journey.

My path—how so little of life is a straight line—led me from a small town in Oregon, to Seattle’s indie art and music scenes. Later, north-central Mexico, back to Oregon (can’t say no to grandparents, but don’t tell them I essentially hitchhiked to get back home), then to college as a non-traditional student, and ultimately, rural New England. Such is the way, it seems. 

Through those times and spaces, both bright and less so, I built community, deepened passions, earned a degree, and lately, started a family. I try to pursue goals that allow me to be my best self.

I’ve always loved herbalism. A few years ago, I stood on the edge of a small river, and realized I needed to deeply pursue the plant knowledge that I’d always adored. I found myself hip-deep in gorgeous weeds and followed their lead from there. Since then, I’ve engaged in several intensive studies with registered herbalists, and I continue to expand and refine my knowledge each day.

It’s deeply gratifying to share knowledge and the products of my efforts with other people. When you purchase from my shop, you purchase something made with love—I don’t think I can do it any other way.

While I don’t want to use anti-racist work to sell products, I refuse to stay neutral just because it is convenient. I think privilege is keeping politics out of business, and I won’t profit off of that.

To that end, I work to be visibly anti-racist in all of my actions. I use a significant percentage of all sales to support Black, Brown, Indigenous people. Please reach out for a complete record, if you’d like.

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